The Conscience of the Eye

The Conscience of the EyeWith an eye toward the architecture, the art, the literature, and the technology of urban life, Richard Sennett gives an account of the search for shelter and the fear of exposure to strangers and new experience in Western culture – and how these two concerns have shaped the physical fabric of the city.

“Why do we avert our eyes when we encounter the unaccustomed?” asks Sennett. In answer, he moves between past and present from the assembly hall of Athens to the Palladium Club; from Augustine’s City of God to the Turkish baths of the Lower East Side; from eighteenth-century English gardens to the housing projects of East Harlem; from Nietzsche’s Birth of Tragedy to subway graffiti. The Conscience of the Eye is an exploration of the politics of vision.

New York: Knopf, 1991. London: Faber and Faber, 1991. London: Norton, 1992. Frankfurt: S. Fischer Verlag, 1991. Paris: Plon,1991. Re-issued Berlin: Berlin Verlag, 2008. Re-issued Paris: Editions de la Passion, 2006. Milan: Feltrinelli, 1991. Barcelona: Versal, 1991. Sao Paulo: Campania das Letras, 1992; Toyko: Inwanami Shotun, 1999.
Translation in process: Denmark

"The Social Sciences and Visual Studies," a special issue of the International Journal of the Social Sciences, edited by Richard Sennett. New York: United Nations Printing Office, 1990.